Referrals & Prior Authorizations of Medication


Your health insurance carrier has established the guidelines for referrals and prior authorizations.
Please familiarize yourself with your insurance companies guidelines. Certain testing ordered by your physician may require prior authorization from your insurance company. Please keep in mind not all testing will be authorized and your physician may need to order a different test per your insurance companies guidelines. Changes to your health insurance carrier or new referrals will usually require an evaluation by a Physician/PA from our office prior to approval. **If you have Tricare make sure you have a referral before seeing a specialist,  Tricare WILL NOT BACKDATE !!!!

Please call 734-2500 or submit through our patient portal to set up an appointment or a referral request.

Prior Authorizations of Medications

Some medications that your physician prescribes may need prior authorization through your insurance company. It is your responsibility to provide us with your medication formulary. Medications that need a prior auth can take up to 2 weeks to get authorizated through your insurance company. Not all medications will be approved because your physician feels it should be prescribed. We may need to change your medication to something that is covered under your plan. Please familiarize yourself with your individual insurance guidelines. You can obtain a copy by calling your customer service number on your insurance card.