Forms & Letters

It is the goal of the physicians and staff to accommodate as many requests as possible in an accurate and timely manner.

1. Blank forms will not be accepted. Personal information must be completed.

2. Turnaround time is usually fewer than 7 business days.

3. Forms are completed for those accounts in good standing. Oustanding balances need to be paid prior to forms being filled out.

4. Many forms require a current examination prior to being completed.

5. The charge for review and completion of medical forms is $10.00. It is due at time of pick up of forms. If forms are brought to the visit there is no charge.

6. $10 fee is required for letters wirtten by the physician.

  FMLA/Disability Forms

1.Blank forms will not be accepted. Personal information must be completed.

2. Turnaround time is usually 7 bussiness days.

3. Forms are completed for those accounts in good standing. Outstanding balances need to be paid prior to forms being filled out.

4. A request form must be completely filled out(this is given by our office, it is not on the website) prior to your forms being filled out.

5. There is $30 fee due when forms are completed.

6. Theses forms are not faxed or mailed to you or your employer. They must be picked up at the office.

Incoming & Outgoing Medical Records

1. Medical release forms are on our website or you can pick them up at our offiice. Please print the form and fax back to 302-734-7758. We will then get records from your previous physician if you are transferring care here.

2. If you are requesting a copy of your medical records or are transferring care to another provider we have a copy service that copies the records here weekly. Therer is a fee for records. Please call the office for pricing details.