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General Inquiries

For your convenience, patients are seen during the following hours:
Mon. - Thurs. 7:30am - 5:30pm
Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm

Phones are answered by the office during the following hours:
Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:00pm
Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm

During the summer on Fridays we do have shortened working hours.

To Make an Appointment:
Call our office at 302-734-2500 or use our https://doverfamilyphysicians.followmyhealth.com

We will have most labs back in 5 days however some tests take longer time to process.

We will try to get you scheduled with your usual physician but normally we will schedule you with the physician that has the first available opening. We do have 2 physician assistants that work directly with the doctors and can get you seen within the same day.

Each insurance company varies.

Please contact our office through the phone or our online patient portal.

Yes, you will be charged $25 for each missed appointment. Once you have no showed 3 appointments you will then be discharged from the practice.

Like most medical practices, we require that you pay your co-pay at the time of your appointment. It is also the expectation, and often the requirement of your insurance company to do so at the time of service. The purpose of the co-pay is to off-set the cost of your insurance premiums. Medical practices have contracted agreements with insurance companies to submit claims directly to them for the convenience of the patient with the understanding that they would not bear the additional cost of billing patients for the co-pay amount. Please do not expect or ask us to “bill” you since the cost of sending a statement is often as much as the actual co-pay amount.